Electric Drill 450W, Thermal Coolant Designed Electrical Drill


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About this item

  • Provides perfect work, as it gives accuracy in performance and withstands great pressure.
  • Designed with thermal coolant to avoid damage from prolonged use.
  • Powered by electricity and has a sturdy design that gives comfort at work.
  • Made of the finest and strongest materials to last with you for a long time.


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The Electric Hammer Drill 450W is an excellent tool with a powerful 450W motor that increases its working capacity and makes it easy for critters to operate in any style. This machine also includes a hammer which increases the working efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. 450-Watt Motor: The electric hammer drill’s 600W motor gives it extra power. Facilitates various types of labor-intensive applications like masonry, pruning, etc. The specially designed motor makes the nature of the work reliable.
  2. Safety Features:  As a safety measure, some models have introduced a lock system to prevent accidental self-start. So that the nature of the work is not disturbed by the automatic operation of the drill during the work.
  3. Variable Speed Control: A special function has been introduced to control the speed of the drill. So that the drilling speed can be reduced or increased during the work to perform the work in a better way. This feature helps users to perform tasks better.
  4. Forward and Reverse Functionality: The drill includes a forward and reverse function that allows users to open or close screwdrivers in tight spaces without changing direction.
  5. Built-in Work Light: Some models have a built-in LED light. Due to this users can easily perform their work by lighting in narrow or dark places.

This electric drill is a very effective tool that has become a need for every home, office, and workshop due to its utility.


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