Firebird Torch 9005 Ultra Light Solid Intend Torch

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  • One-touch automatic piezo-Ignition
  • Ultra light solid intend
  • Original system allows domestic device to be used safely at any point of view after preheating for 2 minutes
  • Suitable and easy to use
  • Ergonomic propose fits with no trouble into the hand
  • Multi-purpose for use in home and workshop

1 review for Firebird Torch 9005 Ultra Light Solid Intend Torch

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kamal Tariq

    The Firebird Torch 9005 Ultra Light Solid Intend Torch offers unparalleled portability and reliability, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures and emergency situations.

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  • Incredible lightweight solid intention.
  • It is practical and simple to operate.
  • An ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold.
  • More stability is produced when using a neck protection device. 
  • Easy to ignite with the front-mounted trigger.
  • Anti-liquefaction following a two-minute warming period.
  • Precise control over flame power.
  • The versatile torch is for use in the workshop and at home.


A portable, burning light source is called a torch. Firebird Torch 9005 Ultra Light Solid Intend Torch is used for certain lighters and portable camping stoves. It is made out of a tiny, spring-loaded hammer that strikes a PZT crystal when a button is pressed. The gas ignites as a result of the abrupt, strong deformation that causes a high voltage and electrical discharge.

No external electric connection is necessary, though wires are occasionally used to move the sparking site away from the crystal itself. Lever, push-button, or control knob integration are the available modes of operation for piezo ignition systems. An electric spark is normally created once for each knob turn or button press. There is a safety lock on this torch to keep kids safe. Firepower can be adjusted from low to high to suit your needs. It can burn at 1800°C with concentrated fire strength—the air shutter aids in flame concentration control.

The integrated Anti-Flare system in the Firebird Torch 9005 Ultra Light Solid Intend Torch aids in preventing the liquefaction of gas.

Let’s explore the Firebird torch 9005 Ultra Light Solid Intend Torch procedure, the torch’s external organization, and its applications in detail.

External Organization

This torch is typically cylindrical and is housed in a steel framework. A steel push button with a spring-loaded hammer is located at the top. When squeezed, it generates the force required to cause an electric potential in the piezoelectric crystal. Two little handles make it easier to hold onto the lighter when using your thumb to press down on the hammer. 


It creates an electric spark through the utilization of a physical phenomenon known as the piezo-electric effect, which ignites the combustible gas coming from the stove’s burner.

The piezoelectric effect can be quickly stated as, when pressure is applied along one axis of a crystal (mechanical axis), a potential difference arises across the crystal’s transverse axis (electrical axis). These kinds of crystals are referred to as piezo-electric crystals. Among the well-known piezo-electric crystals are quartz and tourmaline.


The torch is primarily shaped like a cylinder and is made up of a spring-loaded hammer placed over a piezoelectric crystal. The spring and hammer assembly is fastened to a button. The hammer is moved away from the piezo-electric crystal when this button is pressed.

When the button is pressed beyond a certain limit, the spring releases the hammer. On the piezo-electric crystal, the hammer falls. An elevated voltage in the 800-volt range is produced due to the piezoelectric action. The lighter’s wiring is designed to apply the entire voltage in a tiny area of airspace between two metallic terminals. Air is ionized and serves as a route for the discharge because of the high voltage created. When the spark from this electric discharge comes into contact with the stove’s combustible gas, it ignites and produces flames.

Due to their high sensitivity and low cost, piezo-electric ceramics such as lead zirconate titanate, or PZT, are utilized in Firebird torch 9005 Ultra Light Solid Intend Torch.


With the help of this state-of-the-art technology, users can now focus on their food creations or outdoor activities without having to deal with the hassles of matching or traditional ignition methods. The most common and widely utilized application of a torch light is illumination.

The One Touch Piezo Ignition device guarantees fast and efficient flame generation whether camping, climbing, or participating in other outdoor activities. Users can tackle any situation that calls for a dependable and quick source of heat by just pressing a button to light a bonfire, illuminate a dark trail, or do anything else.

Use In Kitchen

The Firebird torch 9005 ultra-light solid intend torch offers up a whole new world of possibilities for foodies. The torch is a multipurpose instrument that can be used to achieve expert results in the comfort of your own home, from searing steaks to mastering the art of sous vide. 

Traveler’s Torch

The Firebird torch 9005 ultra-light solid intend torch is particularly well-liked by travelers who voluntarily choose to use this straightforward gadget in place of fire.

You can cook food or boil water quickly with its assistance, and unlike a fire, you can manage the gas flow and flame force simultaneously. Modern portable ignitions also have a wind protection function, a dish holder, and other “devices.”

Versatile Outdoor Ignition

In cottages where bringing gas inside is not necessary, this torch is also widely utilized. You won’t even need a little gas spray for cooking thanks to the device, which will substantially ease the process. A Firebird torch is also frequently used for heating and soldering metal components.

Piezo ignition torch is quite popular because it eliminates the need for matches and allows users to operate the torch precisely until it breaks. When piezo ignition is present—an extra element introduced to provide a spark—the issue of a gas burner breaking down frequently is generally resolved.

Wrapping Up

The remarkable lightweight design, ergonomic comfort, and accurate flame control make the Firebird Torch 9005 ultra-light solid intend torch stand out. It is a valuable tool for outdoor adventurers and cooking enthusiasts alike, thanks to its inbuilt anti-flare system, one-touch Piezo ignition mechanism, and numerous applications. The efficiency and dependability of the torch are attributed to its exterior organization, operating principle, and utilization of piezoelectric ceramics. This torch provides a consistent and effective source of heat, removing the need for matches and giving users a convenient and regulated igniting experience, whether used in the kitchen, on trips, or outdoors.


A torch is a handheld, battery-operated, compact electric light that fits in your hand. A torch is a long stick that can be used to start fires or provide illumination. It has a burning substance at one end
It has illumination, intimidation, alarm, law enforcement, self-defense, and other purposes depending on the location and extent of its use.

The Firebird torch is stylish, feels good in the hand, and works flawlessly. Powered by a cutting-edge quantum ignition system, three incredibly strong, wind-resistant jet flames ignite with just a thumb push.