Floron Refrigerant Gas R410a 11.3kgs India

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Specific Name
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Boiling Point
-48.5 Deg C (-55.4 Deg F)
Packaging Size
11.3 Kg


1 review for Floron Refrigerant Gas R410a 11.3kgs India

  1. 5 out of 5

    Amir Anwar

    Floron Refrigerant Gas R410a, available in 11.3kg cylinders, ensures efficient and eco-friendly cooling for your HVAC systems in India.

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  • Not flammable or combustible.
  • A high-quality formula to support your air conditioning system.
  • Excellent Cooling Performance.
  • Removing water and other harmful impurities can prevent corrosion in the refrigeration system.
  • Effective and environmentally friendly cooling for your HVAC systems.
  • R410a boils at -48.5 degrees Celsius. 
  • A colorless, odorless, and harmless gas.

India produces 99.99% pure R410a refrigerant gas from Floron. R410a is a home, business, and industrial air conditioning system refrigerant. It is also helpful as a fire extinguishing agent and an aerosol propellant for paint and pesticides. It serves as the primary raw material for fluoropolymers.

When mixed with air, there is no chance of an explosion, and it exhibits good chemical and thermal stability under typical conditions. With a medium to high GWP (Global Warming Potential) and low ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential), floron refrigerant gas R410 provides a more environmentally friendly option than CFCs and HCFCs. 

HFCs are employed in foam-blowing and selective propellant applications. Due to increased awareness of the adverse environmental effects of refrigerants, there is an increasing need for refrigeration systems that can deliver adequate cooling performance while having less of an impact on global warming. R410a is advancing refrigeration solutions that are friendly to the environment. In this post, let’s explore Floron refrigerant gas more.

What is The Refrigerant Gas Floron R410a?

Floron R410a is a brand of refrigerant gas manufactured in India by the SRF Group. It consists of R32 and R125, two refrigerants designed primarily for contemporary air conditioning systems. R410a is more environmentally friendly than R22 since it does not deplete the ozone layer.

Working Process

R-410A is a refrigerant installed in air conditioners and heat pumps that cools air before it is released into your home. It functions by absorbing heat and changing from a gas to a liquid. The refrigerant then exits the system and is cooled back into a gaseous form by the fan.

Why Does India Use R410a?

There are two reasons why R410a is well-liked in India:

Rules About The Environment

Like many other nations, India has gradually stopped using R22 because of its ability to deplete the ozone layer. There is a greener option available with R410a.


Since R410a uses less energy to chill an area than R22, it is a more efficient refrigerant. This can be advantageous in a warm-weathered nation like India.

Use Of The 11.3kg Size

A mid-sized choice for R410a refrigerant is the 11.3kg cylinder. There are probably two primary uses for it:

Air Conditioning Repair

The 11.3kg quantity is sufficient to top off refrigerant in most mid-sized households or commercial air conditioners when a leak occurs or during routine maintenance.

Smaller Business Uses

The 11.3 kg size may be adequate for initial charging or maintenance for walk-in coolers and light-duty refrigeration systems, which are smaller commercial applications.


There are several uses for Floron Refrigerant Gas R410a 11.3kgs India, including:

Air Conditioning

Because it offers effective heating and cooling solutions, refrigerant gas is perfect for use in air conditioning systems.


The product is appropriate for refrigeration systems in supermarkets, cold storage facilities, and the food processing sector.

Warming Devices

Heat pumps, intended to provide cooling and heating solutions, can be used with refrigerant gas. 



As an environmentally friendly alternative, the Floron Refrigerant Gas R410a is not hazardous and does not deplete the ozone layer.

Broad Range of Temperatures

The refrigerant gas’s temperature range of -48.5°C makes it appropriate for various refrigeration applications.

Competitive Costing

At ₹700.00 for an 11.3kg quantity, the product is reasonably priced, making it a cost-effective choice for both consumers and businesses.

Versatile Applications

The refrigerant gas offers a flexible option for various businesses because it can be utilized in heat pumps, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. 


Considerations For Compatibility

Users should verify whether their refrigeration systems are compatible with R410a refrigerant to prevent malfunctions or performance difficulties.

Managing Limitations

It is not advisable to try adding refrigerant to your air conditioner alone. R410a is a fluorinated gas that should only be handled by trained professionals because improper handling can risk human health and the environment.

Availability Restrictions

Customers may need to obtain the goods from particular online shops or distributors because they may not be easily accessible in every location.

Wrapping Up

In India, Floron R410a refrigerant gas is a perfect choice for air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating, especially in the 11.3kg quantity. Its eco-friendliness, economical cost, and effective operation make it a significant upgrade over more traditional refrigerants like R22. Floron R410a’s temperature range and adaptability confirm its status as a dependable and responsible refrigerant option for Indian homes and companies, even though compatibility tests and expert handling are essential.


Floron Gas R410A Cane is the best HFC refrigerant for positive displacement heat pumps and air conditioning systems in homes and light businesses.
R-410A refrigerant operates typically at 400 PSI (2758 kPa) on the high-pressure side and 115 PSI (793 kPa) on the low-pressure side.
R-32 and R-125 are equal components of R-410A, a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) class refrigerant. The chemical formula is CH₂F₂ + CHF₂CF₃.
Puron, or more precisely R-410A, is the refrigerant that air conditioning systems utilize the most frequently. This refrigerant is an odorless, non-flammable, and non-toxic gas, so your nose cannot warn you of a leak in your unit.