Magnaflux NDT Spotcheck, SKD-S2, SKL-SP2, SKC-S

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Ideal Application: Automotive maintenanceCastingsFerrous and non-ferrous metalsForgingsLeak testingMetalworkingNon-porous ceramicsPressure vesselsTubular goodsWelds.
Defect Examples: CracksFlux inclusionsInclusionsIncomplete weld fusionIncomplete weld penetrationLeaksUndercuttingWeld porosity

1 review for Magnaflux NDT Spotcheck, SKD-S2, SKL-SP2, SKC-S

  1. 5 out of 5


    Magnaflux NDT Spotcheck: The trusted choice for flawlessly detecting defects in critical components.

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  • Easy to use for dye penetrant tests.
  • Excellent dependability.
  • Superior defect resolution.
  • High-contrast color.
  • Easily packaged within a single box.

Magnaflux is an industry leader in manufacturing non-destructive testing (NDT) tools and solutions. They are renowned for their extensive range of uses for inspecting and testing parts and materials without putting them in danger.

The most dependable and popular penetrating examination technique for finding fractures and other surface irregularities in almost any non-porous material is Spotcheck. The formulation of Spot Check offers the best dye penetrants available for finding faults since it combines high concentrations of premium dyes with premium solvents. Magnaflux NDT Spotcheck, SKD-S2, SKL-SP2, and SKC-S are portable and ideal for job site or field inspections of welds, forgings, pressure vessels, castings, general metal work, and a variety of other uses.

Magnaflux NDT Spotcheck includes an SKD-S2 solvent-based developer, SKC-S remover, and SKL-SP2 solvent removable penetrant.


A ready-to-use suspension of white developing particles in a solvent that dries quickly is called SKD-S2. It results in an opaque white covering that gives permeable indicators a sharply contrasted background.


Boost The Visibility Of The Indication

  • Bright white, opaque coverage covers all underlying surface color and swiftly pulls penetrant to the surface for stronger, clearer indications.
  • Enhances indication detection by providing the ideal surface for permeable indication generation.

Flexibility Of Utilization

  • SKD-S2 is used to inspect a wide range of parts.
  • It can be utilized with a variety of penetrants in many different conditions without requiring measurement or dilution.

Faster Processing and Cleaning

  • It Reduces the amount of time needed for each stage of the inspection process by decreasing the amount of time spent cleaning after the inspection.
  • An easy-to-apply formula that goes on smoothly, dries rapidly, and encourages faster indication development.


  • Field applications
  • Machine shops
  • Welding

Guidelines For Use

1- SKD-S2 should only be applied via spray, as dipping or brushing will result in excessive solvent action on the penetrant in discontinuities. Aerosol or a traditional spray gun can be used to apply this suspension. It must be stirred during usage to keep the developer particles suspended during processing.

2- It is recommended to apply solvent-based developers, such as SKD-S2, in thin, even layers that slightly moisten the surface. A spray that is too light will result in a slow development of the symptoms and possibly a loss of overall sensitivity due to limited solvent action. A heavy spray will produce excessive running of the signs.

Solvent Removeable Penetrant

Spotcheck SKL-SP2, a red color contrast incisive with exceptional penetrating qualities, is solvent removable (or post-emulsifiable). It has shown effective in identifying surface-open flaws and gaps on non-porous ceramics and other materials that are comparable, providing the highest level of durability in this regard.

  • Cleanse the surface only, avoiding flushing the penetrant out of discontinuities, for dependable inspection.
  • Dries fast and leaves no trace, avoiding misleading signs.


  • Quickest Processing Time For Inspections

    • An easy-to-use, dependable three-step procedure is a handy way to do control checks and preventative maintenance.
    • High surface wetting allows for quick and full coverage of the test surface.
    • Excess penetrant can be removed without water, eliminating the need for drying before applying developer.

    Dependable and Easy to Use

    • Convenient aerosol cans that are designed for maximum test area coverage and even, consistent coverage make them easy to transport and use in the field.
    • Use without the need for UV lamps or darkness in any situation.

    The Broad Range of Applications

    • Examine a variety of parts without worrying about corrosion or non-conformance with specifications.
    • NDT-approved for use in industrial applications by professionals.

    Maximum Detection of Indications

    • The bright red color, especially when combined with the solvent-based developer SKD-S2, creates powerful, vivid indicators.

    Optimize Operator Safety and Comfort

    • Lessens discomfort from overpowering odors.
    • Encourages higher inspection quality by giving the operator a more comfortable working environment.



    • A broad range of uses
    • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    • Non-porous ceramics
    • Castings
    • Forgings
    • Welding
    • Pressure vessels
    • Metalworking
    • Automotive Repair
    • Tubular goods
    • Leak testing

    Examples of Defects

    • Slag inclusions
    • Fux inclusions
    • Undercutting
    • Leaks
    • Cracks
    • Incomplete weld penetration
    • Incomplete weld fusion
    • Weld porosity


    Before applying developer, Spotcheck SKC-S is applied on a moist cloth to remove surface penetrant from the inspection area.

    SKC-S is a solvent cleaner/remover that has been approved by NDT for use in pre-cleaning non-destructive testing areas and removing excess surface penetrants before adding developer during liquid incisive testing.

    Oils, greases, and other pollutants can be removed from a variety of substrates using this non-halogenated solvent remover. SKC-S satisfies the low-residue standards for NDT and aerospace penetrant testing and dries fast without leaving any residue.


    Expand the Scope Of the Inspections

    • Feel free to examine a variety of parts.
    • Meets all significant aerospace standards.

    Flexibility Of Application

    • When doing penetrant tests, just one cleaner should be used.
    • Available in aerosol and bulk versions, or conveniently packaged as a set.

    Reduce the Chance Of Overlooking a Defect


Perfect for:

  • Pre-cleaning nondestructive testing.
  • Remove any excess surface penetrant.
  • Cleaning after the examination.
  • When using chlorinated solvents is forbidden or undesirable.

Guidelines For Use

Pre-Cleaning For NDT

1- Liberally spray the surfaces that need cleaning, then wipe them off, let them air dry, or soak a clean cloth in the cleaner before wiping the area clean.

2- Let the area completely dry before using the penetrant.

Remove Excess Surface Penetrant

1- Using a cloth, apply SKC-S, wipe the test surface, and repeat as necessary.

2- Avoid sprinkling SKC-S directly onto the component as this could eliminate penetrant signals.

Wrapping Up

A thorough and trustworthy dye penetrant testing solution is provided by Magnaflux NDT Spotcheck, SKD-S2, SKL-SP2, and SKC-S. The pre-packaged collection is efficient and convenient, which makes it perfect for a range of uses, such as welding, machine shops, and field inspections.

The SKD-S2 developer guarantees application flexibility, improves indication visibility, and speeds up the inspection procedure. While the SKL-SP2 solvent removable penetrant offers maximum fault detection, rapid processing times, and a wide range of applications. Lastly, the SKC-S cleaner/remover lowers the possibility of missing flaws, satisfies aerospace standards, and broadens the scope of examinations. Magnaflux’s non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions are well-regarded in a variety of industries because of their dependability, user-friendliness, and capacity to maximize operator safety and comfort.


A solvent-removable visible red dye penetrant is called SKL-SP2.

A ready-to-use solution of white developing particles in a quick-drying solvent is called Spotcheck SKD-S2. It results in an opaque white covering that gives permeable indicators a clear contrasted background.

Shake the can firmly until the agitators rattle within. When spraying, hold the can 8 to 12 inches above the part. The developer should only be sprayed on the area or portion in sufficient amounts to thinly and uniformly moisten it. A thin white layer will form when the thickness is right.


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