Refron 410A Refrigerants Gas

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Refron-410A is a member of the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) class of refrigerants and is composed of equal parts R-32 and R-125. Its chemical formula is CH₂F₂ + CHF₂CF₃.
R-410A is primarily used in commercial and residential HVAC systems.

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1 review for Refron 410A Refrigerants Gas

  1. 5 out of 5

    Munir Riad

    Refron 410A Refrigerant Gas is a high-performance, environmentally-friendly solution for modern air conditioning and refrigeration systems, ensuring efficient cooling and compliance with industry standards.

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Item Subtleties:

Packaging: 45 Kg

Bundling Size: Approx 45 Kg

Part Type: Compressor

Explicit Name: R410A

Variety: Multicolor

Style: Contemporary

Bundling Type: Cylinder

Material: Refrigerant Gas

Bubbling Point: -48.5 Deg C

Brand: Refron

Softening Point: -155 Deg C

Application: Cooling and Refrigeration

Chamber security is refundable or movable.

Formula: 50%CH2F2/50%CHF2CF3

Basic Point Pressure: 4.86 MPa


Refron Refrigerant Gas R410A is a hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant that has become generally utilized as a swap for R22 refrigerant in cooling and refrigeration frameworks. R410A is a mix of two refrigerant gases HFC 32 and HFC 125. That cooperate to give productive and compelling cooling.

R410a gas little chamber 99.9% unadulterated refrigerant 670g enough for a 2hp unit because of the quality and strain of the gas non combustible, not poisonous gas. Ought to be utilized exclusively on r410a framework Refrigeration liquids are compound associations of fundamental components out of the occasional table. However not all essential components are sufficient for framing a refrigeration liquid association. Some of them are harmful, some are radioactive and others have edges of boiling over, which are not reasonable for cooling processes. That’s what assuming we remember, there stay just 8 essential components (carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen, fluorine, chlorine and bromine). What’s more, chlorine and bromine can’t be thought about either, as they annihilate the ozone layer.

R-410A is a close azeotropic combination of difluoromethane (CH2F2, called R-32) and pentafluoroethane (C2HF5, called R-125), which is utilized as a refrigerant in cooling applications. Not at all like numerous haloalkane refrigerants it doesn’t add to ozone exhaustion, and is accordingly broadly utilized

R-410A is contrary with previous utilized R-22 refrigerant. R-410A ought to just be utilized in gear explicitly planned and built for higher tension refrigerants. R-410A works at extensively higher tensions and requires the utilization of exceptional tanks, checks and recuperation hardware. R-410A planned frameworks utilize thicker walled tubing, and blowers equipped for enduring the higher tensions of R-410A.

It is utilized as a refrigerant in cooling applications. REFRON R-410a is zeotropic, however a close azeotropic combination of difluoromethane (CH2F2, called R-32) and pentafluoroethane (CHF2CF3, called R-125).

Homegrown and Business Uses and Utilizations of R410A Refrigerant Gas:

R410A is another harmless to the ecosystem refrigerant gas that doesn’t exhaust the ozone layer, has a functioning tension of around 1.6 times that of R22, and has a superior (warm) effectiveness than R22.

Homegrown and light cooling gadgets use R410A. Due to its low coast, R410A is proper for different outward blowers and can have at low fevers.

It can’t be utilized to retrofit R22 frameworks since it is a HFC mix intended for new R22 applications that work at higher tensions than numerous different refrigerants. R410A viable frameworks can profit from its capacity to utilize more modest parts.

Zero Ozone Exhaustion Impact of R410A Refrigerant Gas

Further developing cooling proficiency without hurting the ozone layer is conceivable. R410A is an original refrigerant that is made up fundamentally of hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon parts (communicated as HFC) and has stable, non-harmful, and better execution characteristics.

Since it contains no chlorine, it won’t respond with ozone or exhaust the ozone layer. Furthermore, another cooling refrigerant was presented, as well as specific execution upgrades.

R410A is by a long shot the most generally perceived refrigerant to supplant R22, and it is broadly utilized in the Center East, Europe, and different locales.

Highlights and Advantages Refron:

  • Close azeotropic refrigerant blend including R32 and R125 as a substitute for R22 and R13B1
  • Essentially higher productivity than R22
  • Refrigerant should be charged from the fluid stage to guarantee precise structure
  • Non-combustible with an A1 wellbeing arrangement
  • Polyolester oils should be charged in blowers.
  • Not a retrofit substitution because of significantly higher working tensions
  • Higher tensions of this refrigerant should be thought of, especially with regards to framework parts

Today, R-410A refrigerant is broadly utilized in home climate control systems, business climate control systems, SMEs (little and medium-sized unitary climate control systems, dehumidifiers, private focal cooling, multi-line), refrigerated dryers, Marine refrigeration hardware, versatile cooling, modern refrigeration, and other refrigeration gear. Get R410A refrigerant gas at serious rates today.

Some Queries:

R410A is an HFC refrigerant combination for light/fixed cooling units and intensity siphons. On account of its low-temperature float, it is likewise reasonable for specific radiating blowers.

Degradability (Body): R-410A is a gas at room temperature; consequently, staying in water is impossible.

R-410A has an ODP of nothing, yet its worldwide temperature alteration Potential is 1890, which is genuinely high. For setting, carbon dioxide’s GWP is 1, and it’s the norm by which different refrigerants are estimated, implying that R-410A adds to an unnatural weather change 1890 fold the amount of carbon dioxide.

This will in general associate with 60 PSI to 85 PSI for R-22 and 105 PSI to 143 PSI for R-410A and is subject to working circumstances

Since R-410A can assimilate and deliver more intensity than R-22, your cooling blower can run cooler, decreasing the gamble of blower burnout because of overheating. R-410A likewise works at a higher strain than R-22, so new blowers are worked to endure more prominent burdens, lessening the opportunity for breaking.

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