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Copper Coil ASCO Korea (15m)
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PVC tape for Copper tubing insulation (Orignal)
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Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter DT266 Professional
Original price was: ﷼59.00.Current price is: ﷼40.00.
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LG air conditioners

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Pipe Insulation
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Metal Clips to bind the belts above duct, Sale by box, Each box contains around 120 to 150 pcs of clips.
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TOTAL - One Stop tool station

More Powerful Higher Efficiency Longer Using Life

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Total cordless blower 20V TABLI200181
Original price was: ﷼320.00.Current price is: ﷼279.00.
Rated 5.00 out of 5

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Our Ducting accessories include all components, devices and parts used in association with ducts and their fittings which include Acrylic Duct Sealant, Cleats for Flanges, Duct Corners, HVAC Duct G-Clamp, Slip & Drive (S&C) Cleats, Slip-on Flanges, Flexible duct connector, HVAC Flexible Duct, Semi-rigid aluminum duct etc.

COOL serves as a leading provider of HVAC products, offering a comprehensive range that includes Grilles and Registers, Diffusers, Dampers, Louvers, Fire and Safety equipment, Tapes & Insulation, VAV & Silencer solutions, Sheet Metal Ducting, and Firedoors. Renowned for excellence, COOL stands out as a premier supplier of top-quality HVAC and Air Ducting Products in Saudi Arabia.


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