Ball Peen Hammer, Long Handle Hand Tool

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Among the hand tools, the hammer is essential because of its strength and workability. It has a flat striking hammer on one side and a pointed shape on the other. It is widely used in concrete, masonry, and woodwork. Due to its strength and durability, this hammer is highly valued and most craftsmen promote its use.

1 review for Ball Peen Hammer, Long Handle Hand Tool

  1. 5 out of 5

    Noor Mohammad

    A reasonable price for a well made hand tool. This was an emotional purchase…my dad gave me his, so when my daughter recently purchased her new house, I purchased the same type of hammer for her new home.

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Key Components:

  1. Flat Striking Face: A ball peen hammer has a flattened part that provides a lot of power when striking. Which makes it very easy to give specific shapes to different metals.
  2. Ball Peen: It has a round ball peen on one end which distinguishes it from other hammers. It is often used for bending metal edges and joints.
  3. Handle: Usually made of wood, fiber, steel, or plastic, the handle of the ball-peen hammer provides a comfortable grip to its users. The size of the handle in a hammer can vary depending on the length. So that users can use the hammer according to the nature of their work while working in different places.
  4. Weight: Ball pan hammers are of different weight types. The more force required, the heavier the hammer used.


  1. Metalworking: A ball-peen hammer is flat on one side. It is used to straighten the layer of metals. While the other end is used to bend metal edges and joints.
  2. Blacksmithing: Blacksmiths rely a lot on ball-peen hammers during their work. Because objects are struck with the help of the flat part of the hammer to shape them.
  3. Automotive Repair: Mechanics are using this hammer for impact work. It is mainly used to remove dents from metal panels.
  4. Woodworking: Although this hammer is not used as much in woodworking as it is in metalworking. But still, sometimes it is needed in woodworking like fixing wooden components in place during repairs in woodworking etc.


The ball peen hammer, with its dual faces and storied history, remains a fundamental tool across various trades and crafts. Its versatility, precision, and ability to handle both delicate and heavy-duty tasks make it an essential component in the toolkit of artisans, metalworkers, mechanics, and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re shaping metal, driving rivets, or performing intricate forging, the ball peen hammer is a reliable companion that stands the test of time in the world of hand tools.


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