Rexnord Shaded Pole Motor, Capacitor Motor, Heat Dissipate Indian Motor. 5W, 10W, 16W, 25W

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This heat sink motor is a capacitor motor which has high speed and low current. The motor fan ensures that your machine continues to operate at peak performance and efficiency. This fan can dissipate heat with high efficiency.

Made in India

2 reviews for Rexnord Shaded Pole Motor, Capacitor Motor, Heat Dissipate Indian Motor. 5W, 10W, 16W, 25W

  1. 5 out of 5


    “Rexnord’s range of shaded pole, capacitor, and heat dissipate Indian motors, from 5W to 25W, excel in reliability, efficiency, and durability, making them indispensable for industrial applications demanding smooth operation and consistent performance.”

  2. 4 out of 5

    Ja Ram

    Exactly what we needed, price on point and delivery was quick

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  • Offer low current and rapid speed.
  • Safe from explosions.
  • Three-phase.
  • High efficiency and less noise.
  • Available in 5W, 10W, 16W, and 25W outputs.
  • Working voltage of 230V.
  • Lead wire attachment.
  • Protection for thermal motors.
  • Temperature range for operation, -40°C to +40°C.
  • Contains four mounting legs.


A small motor with two or four poles is known as a shaded-pole motor. Because it produces a weakly spinning magnetic field, the auxiliary winding of a shaded-pole motor is made of a copper ring or bar that surrounds a section of each pole.

A shaded pole motor, also known as a single-phase induction motor, requires only a single voltage line and an external capacitor to turn. It doesn’t require capacitors, is inexpensive, efficient, and possesses a low starting torque. The start switch is absent. Such engines are used in household direct-drive fans and blowers. Other kinds of one-phase motors shouldn’t be replaced with shaded pole motors. It is simply a one-phase induction motor whose one pole is shaded by a copper ring. The heat-dissipated Indian motor rotates only in one direction, and the reverse movement of the motor is impossible.

In this article, let’s see the structure of the Rexnord shaded pole motor, how it works, and its pros and cons with applications in industries. 


It is made up of a cage rotor and a stator. The stator is a salient pole type. The stator core comprises laminations of special steel used for electromagnetic applications. It is a four-pole stator. There is a magnetizing coil inside each pole. Every pole in its face has a unique slot. A single coil consisting of the bare copper strap is installed in the slot. We refer to this coil as a shaded coil. A shaded part is the pole’s area encircled by a shading coil. The pole is therefore divided into a shaded and an unshaded portion at its face.

Operating Principle

A spinning magnetic field is produced when a one-phase AC supply is delivered to the stator winding because the poles are shaded. This additional single-turn winding is known as a shading coil. A two-phase rotating magnetic field is produced in this coil by currents induced by the magnetic field. This occurs by postponing the phase of magnetic flux change for that pole, which is a shaded pole. The pole rotates from its unshaded side to its shaded (ring) side. Shaded-pole motors only provide a small starting torque compared to torque at full speed because of the narrow phase angle between the unshaded and shaded parts. 


A shaded pole motor is a single-phase induction motor with a straightforward design. Some of its advantages are given below.

  1. It is made of durable materials.
  2. The engine starts itself.
  3. It does not require a second winding to start.
  4. The size is small.
  5. It is easy to use and more affordable.
  6. It requires little upkeep. 


  1. The beginning torque is rather low.
  2. This motor has a poor power factor.
  3. The efficiency is low. 


Rexnord’s shaded pole motors are specifically built for the commercial refrigeration market and are commonly used in:

  1. The units of condensation.
  2. Units for Evaporators.
  3. compact fans for ventilation.
  4. Commercial Freezers.

In addition, these motors are utilized in electric clocks, slide projectors, photocopying machines, record players, tape recorders, and other single-phase synchronous timing motors.

Final Words

The Rexnord shaded pole motor series provides a selection of dependable solutions. It is appropriate for a wide range of industrial applications, especially in the commercial refrigeration industry. These motors are an affordable option for powering condenser units, evaporators, ventilation fans, and commercial freezers because of their qualities including low current consumption, fast speed, and great efficiency. It’s vital to take into account their limitations, such as poor starting torque and efficiency, despite their straightforward design and simple operation. However, they are a popular option for a range of appliances and equipment that require only one phase of induction due to their strength, ability to start on their own, and small size.



Capacitors are not necessary for most shaded pole motors. A wire is wrapped around a small portion of each pole in this motor. As a result, the flux in that region of the pole lags behind the flow in the other regions. This provides a clear direction of rotation for the motor.
A four-pole motor can only revolve 180° with a single polarity switch, whereas a two-pole motor can complete a full revolution with just one polarity shift. When all other things are equal, a 4-pole motor will rotate at half the speed of a 2-pole motor. More poles mean a lower motor speed.
The number of north and south permanent magnetic poles on the rotor of a motor is known as the pole count. On the rotor, the number of north and south poles is constant. A 12-pole engine, for example, has six north and six south poles.
A split-phase induction motor with a permanent capacitor connection, as opposed to one that is only made during startup, is known as an electric motor with a permanent split capacitor (PSC).

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