Cutting Disc 1mmx4.5″ Black King Power Coarse, Angle Grinder

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1 review for Cutting Disc 1mmx4.5″ Black King Power Coarse, Angle Grinder

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    Quality grinding disc. Highly recommended

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As a leading manufacturer of power tools accessories, King power offers the ideal accessories for virtually all applications. is a very well-known and authentic platform for buying King power equipment. We aim to provide appropriate accessories for more efficient work. Metal cutting disc provides powerful cutting performance in metal with maximum safety. This disc is made of premium aluminum oxide and other materials.


  • Its speed is around 80 M/S MAX
  • Its complete area is 4inch
  • 115×1.0×22.2mm
  • 41/2 ×3/64×7/8


  • The uses of cutting discs are numerous and varied, spanning across various industries and DIY projects.
  • Those are used in metalwork.
  • Its use in bolt breaker and precise cut.
  • They are also used in concrete conquer and tile cutting.
  • Cutting disc used in the woodworking and renovations.

 Remember, safety first

Always wear proper eye and hand protection when using cutting discs, and choose the right disc for the material and thickness of the material. Mount the wheel correctly and use the guard. Do not exceed maximum speed.

What is a cutting disc?

A cutting disc is a thin, abrasive wheel used to cut metal, wood, concrete, and plastic. They are typically used on angle grinders, which are handheld power tools that rotate the disc at high speed. There are different cutting discs available, each designed for a specific material or application. But that is an abrasive cutting disc.

Abrasive cutting disc:

These discs are made with an abrasive material such as aluminum oxide or silicon carbide, bonded to a backing plate. They are the most versatile type of cutting disc and can be used to cut through a wide variety of materials.

Properties of cutting disc?

Cutting discs, those trusty workhorse-on-angle grinders, boast a range of properties that make them the go-to heroes for tackling tough materials.


  • Abrasive alchemy: standard cutting discs are the alchemist of sorts, blending an abrasive material like aluminum oxide or silicon carbide with a backing plate. This potent mix tackles a variety of materials from metal to wood, making them the versatile MVPs.

Performance power hose:

  • Speed demons: cutting discs, like Olympic sprinters, are about high speeds. Mounted on angle grinders, they rotate at lightning-fast speed, making quick work of any material in their path.
  • Precision prowess: Need a clean controlled cut? Cutting disc delivery! Their thin profile allows for precise cuts, minimizing material waste and ensuring your projects look sharp.


The applications of cutting discs are numerous and varied, spanning various industries and DIY projects. Here are some uses of cutting discs:

  • Meta work
  • That are used to precisely cut metal sheets, size stock for welding, or trim rebar, cutting discs offer clean, controlled cuts in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. That are used to make cutting gate posts, pipes, and other metal barriers. These are used as bolt breaker repairs or replacements.
  • Construction
  • They are used to cut concrete in different sizes. They are also used in cutting ceramic and porcelain Creating precise cuts for floors, walls, and countertops. They are also used in pipe cutting and perfection.
  • Woodworking wonders
  • Cutting discs are used in reclaimed renovations in furniture. It is used in door cutting and in their fitting.

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