LS Electric Contactor 3P-220V-09 Schutz Contacteur Electric Contator

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  • Compact design for space saving.
  • DIN rail and screw mountable.
  • Overload relays are directly mountable to contractors separately.
  • Finger-proof design.
  • Easy to combine with manual motor starters.
  • A broad range of accessories.

1 review for LS Electric Contactor 3P-220V-09 Schutz Contacteur Electric Contator

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  • LS Electric is mentioned with a contactor to represent the name of the brand. 
  • It is a contactor that can make and break the electrical power circuit.
  • The voltage rating of the LS Electric contactor is 220V. 
  • According to its configuration, it is based on three poles. 
  • 09 that is the representation of specifications that are found within it.
  • In the German language, the Schutz term is used for the representation of the word protection.
  • In the French language, Contacteur is the substitution for contactor.


A switch that can be handled electrically and used for on and off purposes of an electrical power circuit is known as a contactor. The hold of the contactor lies within the circuit. Moreover, the Power of the circuit is much less as compared to the switched circuit. For instance, a coil electromagnet of 24 volts can control a motor switch that is 230 volts. So, contactors are designed in such a way that they can handle loads that are bearing high current.


Let’s discuss certain important characteristics of LS Electric contactors which have brought a lot of ease in the electrical field.

Number of Poles

The configuration of This contactor represents that it is based on three poles. So it has the caliber of controlling three circuits separately. Its applications can be seen within a three-phase system. 

Voltage range 

As the voltage range of this contactor is 220 V. So, it can work best in those systems whose requirement of voltage is 220 volts.

Type of Model

The type of model of this contactor is 09. This number is the representation of particular qualities and series numbers that are found in the LS Electric product. 

Pros and Cons

Any problems associated with an automatically operating electrical system can be easily tackled by using LS Electric Contactor 3P-220V-09 Schultz Contecteur Electric Contator. Let’s discuss its pros and cons separately.


Use in compact space

It is an ideal design that can be installed in those systems where the shortcoming of space is found.


This contractor is reliable to such an extent that it can perform extremely well and can be utilized for a long time.


It is versatile and can perform its role within many industrial and profit-oriented solicitations.

Manual motor starters

It can be attached to manual motor starters very easily.


This contactor is based on a wide range of accessories like 3P-220V-09. These accessories give increment in their functions, play a role in the protection, and can be installed very easily.

DIN rail adapters

Contactors can be mounted on the worthy DIN Rail Adapters.


Timers that can be electronic or Pneumatic can be found within Contactor for those applications in which delayed working is needed.

Availability of connection kit

It also consists of a Connection Kit which involves terminal blocks, connectors, and wiring facilities that can enhance the electrical interrelation of the contactor.

Finger proof

Contactors are designed in such a way that they are finger-proof and will follow the safety rules of the circuit to avoid any accidents.


Fix voltage range

The voltage range of this contactor is 220V only. So it cannot be utilized for those systems where different voltage ranges exist except certain additional implementations to make it fit for that voltage range.

Continuous power supply

The coil that is utilized within the contactor needs a power supply continuously. In this process, a large amount of energy is required specifically in those contactors that work for a long period.

Source of Noise Pollution 

The working of the contactor produces noise so it produces noise pollution that can prove a major issue within a noise-sensitive environment


Let’s discuss various workings of LS Electric Contactor 3P-220V-09 Schultz Contecteur Electric Contator differentially.

Motor Control 

Contactors perform the role of initiating and finishing the working of electrical motors that are mounted within machinery and other appliances. It also finds its application where a change in the direction of rotation of the motor is performed. 

Lighting systems

Contactors are such a crucial and beneficial tool that can control lighting systems at a wide scale like big setups that can be seen in commercial buildings, warehouses, and outdoor lighting setups.

Switching circuits

Electrical circuits can be switched by using this contactor to perform switching between various power wellsprings.

Welding appliances

Welders also use this contactor in their welding equipment to maintain a continuous power supply.

Renewable energy systems 

Within renewable energy appliances, circuits can be controlled and switched by the use of contactors for example in solar panel arrays and wind turbines.

Safety guidelines 

Follow the following guidelines for the safe and effective use of LS Electric Contactor 3P-220V-09 Schultz Contacteur Electric Contactor.

  • Verify that the voltage and current range of the contactor are according to the specifications that are required for your application.
  • Do the wiring that is shown in the diagram found in the manual. Make sure that all connections are made effectively and tightly to avoid any loose connections. Because loose connections can become The reason for overheating and electrical arcing.
  • To avoid overheating, try to maintain ventilation around the contactor which can be possible only by sufficient clearance.
  • If you feel any issue or discomfort while using a contractor along with following all instructions then it is necessary to consult a professional electrician or manufacturer.


Various forms of contactors can be seen like auxiliary contactors, power contactors, and spring-loaded contactors. Two contactors are of continuous power type that are stationary and moveable contactors.
The main component of the contactor is the coil or electromagnet. The contacts transfer the power through the whole circuit that is being switched and those contacts are the components of the device. One more component of the device that is very crucial is the contactor enclosure.
This symbol is represented by three parts that are coil, main contacts, and auxiliary contacts. Only one coil is found in a contactor. Several main contacts within a contactor are three and are made in the form of three contacts as a symbol