R-410A Honeywell Factory Sealed Refrigerant

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Brand: Honeywell
General Data:
Thing: Detail
Ashrae #: R-410A
Class: HFC
Refrigerant Sort: Azeotropic Combination
Commonplace Ointment: Poe
Substitutes: HCFC-22
Contains: HFC-32 (half), HFC-125 (half)
Float: Close to Zero Skim
Notes: High Strain, High Productivity Refrigerant Intended For New Hardware. Not For Retrofitting.


3 reviews for R-410A Honeywell Factory Sealed Refrigerant

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    R-410A Refrigerant 25lb of Freon Net Weight 35lb – New Sealed – HVAC

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    Abdul Saeed

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Honeywell Refrigerants Gas Introduction:

R410A is a Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) that is made out of hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon iotas. It needs chlorine, which is believed to be harming to the climate. R410A has no gamble for ozone consumption. R410A has a few proficiency and cost-saving benefits. It is basic for experts to prompt their clients about the various benefits of R410A.Likewise, R410A enjoys a few benefits, including decreased energy utilization, higher item execution, no chlorine, and further developed item constancy. The new R410A items utilize state-of-the-art innovation, have further developed heat siphon and cooling productivity, and fulfill the Spotless Air Act rules.Honeywell Refrigerants Gas is a worldwide forerunner in the turn of events and creation of superior execution fluorocarbon refrigerants and warm working liquids. Our clients incorporate unique gear producers, administration specialists office administrators, and customers all over the planet.The disposal of ozone-draining refrigerants and synthetic compounds keeps on being a critical natural concentration for Honeywell as nations get rid of these synthetic compounds as per the peaceful accord “Montreal Convention on Substances that Exhaust the Ozone Layer.” We have put resources into both Research and development and assembling the ability to assist nations and organizations with meeting our responsibilities to this worldwide exertion by moving to non-ozone exhausting other options.At Honeywell, we consider Dependable Consideration to be the groundwork of natural, well-being and security greatness in our business. We integrate HSE the executives frameworks into all periods of the synthetic life cycle. Our obligation to constant well-being, security, and ecological execution improvement are obvious at our offices all over the planet – it is how we carry on with work.

Benefits and Features of R410A

There are a few benefits to using R410A refrigerant in your home’s cooling framework, including:
  • Harmless to the ecosystem concerning the ozone layer.
  • It is more energy effective since it retains and disperses heat more productively than R22 refrigerant.
  • Utilized in all newly created cooling units.
  • Breakdowns or overheating of watchers because of stronger AC parts.
  • It is less exorbitant to re-energize a framework utilizing R410A

Why Change to R410A?

There are a few benefits to changing to R410A. These are a few models:

Improved Effectiveness

Supplanting your forced air system’s parts with those that use R410A rather than R-22 can expand your framework’s productivity. Warming and cooling consumptions represent more than 40% of the typical Emirati’s power bill. Subsequently, productivity is a significant thought while deciding if to move up to a R410A framework.

Harmless to the ecosystem

The last benefit of picking R410A over R22 is that it is all the more naturally agreeable. R22 contains Freon, which spills from the framework and influences the ozone layer. While R410A frameworks actually utilize unforgiving synthetics, they are less destructive to the climate. It doesn’t exhaust the ozone layer or cause disease, as R22 refrigerant does, and it will let your framework to work all the more really and with less natural effect. It’s not great, yet it’s the best the business has for the present.

Value Decrease

Supplanting your current framework with one that utilizes R410A might seem, by all accounts, to be more costly at that point, it will truly be more affordable over the long haul


Unitary Cooling:

Genetron AZ-20 is the ideal non-ozone-draining, long-haul trade for HCFC-22 in new private and light business unitary cooling frameworks. In new unitary frameworks upgraded for its utilization, with one or the other parchment or responding blowers, Genetron AZ-20 has displayed in tests to have a 5-to-6 percent higher Energy Effectiveness Rating (EER) than HCFC-22. Genetron AZ-20 likewise has a higher limit and strain than HCFC-22, empowering the plan of more modest, more reduced airconditioning hardware


Genetron AZ-20 fills in as a superb trade for HCFC-22 in new chillers, especially certain relocation chillers. It likewise may act as a retrofit liquid for supplanting HCFC-22 in a few existing chillers with parts supported for high strain, particularly those with overflowed heat exchangers. Honeywell suggests reaching the first chiller hardware producer prior to completing any retrofit.

Business Refrigeration:

Genetron AZ-20 might be utilized as a trade for HCFC-22 in new medium-temperature business refrigeration frameworks, including store show cases and reach-in coolers.

overhauling Contemplations

Genetron AZ-20 is a 50/50 (wt. %) combination of HFC-32/125. Genetron AZ-20 displays azeotropic conduct with temperature floats that are under 0.3°F (0.2°C) over the working reach. When contrasted and a zeotrope, an azeotropic combination, for example, Genetron AZ-20 won’t experience huge isolation in a framework and won’t tangibly change its piece because of a break. Subsequently, overhauling a framework that utilizes an azeotropic combination is like overhauling a framework that utilizes an unadulterated liquid.
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All in all, the Honeywell R410 series, and especially the R410A variation, addresses a huge progression in refrigerant innovation. Its wide application range, natural advantages, and productivity acquires settle on it a reasonable decision for organizations hoping to improve their cooling frameworks.

R-410A has higher refrigerating limit and a lot higher tensions than R-22. Because of the way that this item isn’t azeotrope, it should continuously be moved and stacked in fluid stage. R-410A has extremely low poisonousness even after rehashed openness. The worth of AEL (Remittance Openness Breaking point) is 1000 ppm (8 hour TWA).

R-410A, sold under the reserved names AZ-20, EcoFluor R410, Forane 410A, Genetron R410A, Puron, and Suva 410A, is a zeotropic however close azeotropic combination of difluoromethane (CH2F2, called R-32) and pentafluoroethane (CHF2CF3, called R-125) that is utilized as a refrigerant in cooling and intensity siphon applications

During cooling mode, the tension on the fume line of a R-410A framework will be somewhere close to 102 to 145 PSIG

Honeywell has an extensive scope of business, option, middle and long haul refrigerants. They meet or outperform the exhibition levels of more established refrigerants. They have lower natural effect; they’re protected to utilize, productive and financially savvy.