Aviation 10 Snip Foreman China

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ColorRed and black
MaterialAlloy steel
Blade materialStainless steel
StyleThe straight, left, and right cut

2 reviews for Aviation 10 Snip Foreman China

  1. 5 out of 5


    the goods are still on the way, the seller is good, everything is clear, honest, supports the client, quickly, many thanks to the seller and his company

  2. 5 out of 5


    The Aviation 10 Snip Foreman China is a reliable addition to any toolkit, offering precision and durability at an affordable price point.

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Aviation snipes are used to cut metal sheets and plastic sheets in different shapes and sizes. They are robust and durable and have a long service life. They have the best grip to handle, comfortable to use, and have slip protection. That is versatile and durable for the craftsmen.


  • They cut metal sheets ranging from 18-gauge to 26-gauge.
  • Blade length from 7 inches to 12 inches


  • HVAV ductwork fabrication and repair
  • Auto body repair
  • Sheet metal fabrication and prototyping
  • DIY projects and crafting
  • Electrical work in which used to cut wires
  • Appliance repair
  • Model building and prop making
ColorRed and black
MaterialAlloy steel
Blade materialStainless steel
Dimensions30L ˣ 7.5W centimeters
StyleStraight cut
Item weight405 grams
Blade edgeSerrated, straight
Finish typeAlloy, aluminum, chrome, metal, plastic
Handle materialPlastic, leather
Model number

What is an aviation snip?

Aviation snip, also known as aviation shears or tin snips, are cutting tools specifically designed for cutting sheet metal, particularly aluminum and stainless steel. They are similar to ordinary household snips but feature longer cutting blades and more construction to handle thicker and more challenging materials.

Types of aviation snips:

  1. straight aviation snips: These are the most common type, used for making straight, precise cuts along a line.
  2. Offset aviation snips: As mentioned earlier, offset snips are designed for cutting in tight spaces or making curved cuts.
  3. Left- and right-cut aviation snips: These snips have blades specifically angled for cutting curves to the left or right, respectively.


  1. Sheet metal fabrication:

Aviation snips are essential tools for sheet metal workers, allowing them to cut various shapes and sizes of sheet metal for various applications.

  1. HVAC work:

Technicians use aviation snips to cut ductwork and sheet metal components during installation and repair.

  1. Auto body repair:

Aviation snips are commonly used in auto body shops to cut sheet metal for panel repairs, modification, and customs projects.

  1. DIY projects:

Hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts often utilize aviation snips for various metalworking projects, such as creating custom brackets, modifying enclosures, or crafting metal art pieces.

Item properties

  1. Long cutting blades:

The extended blades provide greater leverage and allow for deeper, more precise cuts through thicker sheet metal.

  1. serrated blades:

The serrated edges firmly grip the sheet metal, preventing it from slipping or sliding while cutting, ensuring it a clean and controlled.

  1. Offset design:

Some aviation snips feature an offset design, where the handles are angled away from the cutting blades. This allows for better visibility and control when cutting in tight spaces or making curved cuts.

  1. Durable construction:

Aviation snips are typically made from high-quality steel or forged alloy materials, ensuring they can withstand heavy-duty use and maintain their sharpness over time.

Safety precautions:

  • Wear protective gear and proper glasses before you.
  • Handle with care
  • Store properly in a protective case and put it in a dry place
  • Sharpen regularly the blades to get the best results


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