Mastercool (33636 Brass HVAC Gauge Set for R12/R22/R502 Refrigerant

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  • Heavy duty forged brass body
  • Large all metal handles are angled for ease of operation
  • Free-floating piston type valves reduce o-ring wear
  • Hose holder for convenient storage
  • Silicone dampened gauges smooth out needle movement and can be easily recalibrated in the field

2 reviews for Mastercool (33636 Brass HVAC Gauge Set for R12/R22/R502 Refrigerant

  1. 5 out of 5


    Top-notch quality! The Mastercool 33636 Brass HVAC Gauge is a lifesaver for HVAC professionals like me. Its durability and accuracy make it a go-to tool for every job. Highly recommended!

  2. 4 out of 5

    Atif ali

    I want this how much last

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  • Mastercool is the brand.
  • 33636 is the model number.
  • Material – Brass.
  • A thick brass body that has been forged.
  • The large all-metal handles are tilted for easy operation.
  • Manifold body with two valves.
  • Free-floating piston valves reduce o-ring wear.
  • Increased durability and service life.
  • A handy hose holder for easy storage.
  • Gauges with silicone damping smooth the needle movement. Accuracy may be easily maintained in gauges by recalibration in the field.
  • It is compatible with the refrigerants R-12, R-22, and R-502.

The pressure of different liquids and gases in an air conditioning system is measured by an HVAC gauge. It is also necessary for measuring vacuum pressure during pressure testing or charging a cooling system. This is the most critical set of instruments for determining whether or not every gadget in the HVAC system is functioning properly. It’s also essential as a diagnostic tool and useful for replacing and servicing heating and cooling systems.

Mastercool 33636 brass gauge set, also known as an HVAC gauge or a refrigeration gauge, is used to diagnose and fix cooling systems and refrigerators. They use mechanical or digital gauges to monitor both low and high refrigerant pressure to diagnose problems like leaks and to assist with system evacuation and recharge. HVAC specialists who work with refrigeration equipment use HVAC gauges for various pressure measurements and other applications. The work includes testing, recovering, refilling, and vacuuming.

Let’s explore the structure, working, benefits, and uses of Mastercool 33636 brass gauge set for refrigerants.

Parts of an HVAC gauge

The two gauges on an HVAC manifold set are red and blue. Red indicates high pressure while blue indicates low pressure. The red and blue valves on the side switch on and off to manage the gas flow to the low and high-pressure valves.


All connections radiate outward from the manifold, which is the hub. A manifold gauge set has red, blue, and yellow hoses. The low-pressure gauge is connected to the blue tubing. The yellow hose can connect to the high or low side, depending on which valve is open. Connect the red pipe to gain access to the high-pressure valve. The red hose can read up to 999 psi, whereas the blue hose’s range is 0 to 99.9 psi.

The top connections are only for maintenance purposes, hoses will be attached to the manifold from below.

How an HVAC Gauge Operates

The ideal tool for measuring both high and low pressure is a gauge manifold.

The Mastercool brass gauge set serves as both a diagnostic tool and a maintenance tool. The low-pressure chamber, high-pressure chamber, and utility chamber are its three-chamber devices. Pressure and gas flow can be controlled via these chambers. These are essential for the basic operation of HVAC gauges.

After connecting the manifold gauge to the apparatus, the worker measures the pressure in the discharge line. The low-pressure gauge hose is connected to the device’s low-pressure side. The high-pressure gauge pipe is also connected to the equivalent high-pressure side of the machine. The utility port allows you to add more refrigerant to the AC unit. A hose can be connected to a vacuum pump or other recovery machines via this connector as well.


    1. This gauge set contains precision sensors that allow it to properly measure and display minor changes in temperature and pressure. 
    2. An audio alarm that alerts technicians to system issues, like an excessive temperature, is frequently included with a 33636 gauge set.
    3. A two-stage high-side/low-side pressure capacity is an additional benefit that makes it common for technicians to quickly swap between different refrigerant circuits.
    4. It is regarded as the superior choice in terms of usability and adjustability due to its great accuracy and convenience.
    5. The gauge set has a sturdy and dependable design.


There are several uses for the Mastercool 33636 Brass HVAC Gauge Set for R12, R22, and R502 refrigerant in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. Some of its typical uses are as follows:

Refrigerant charge and recovery

The gauge set is used by HVAC workers to precisely charge refrigerants, such as R12, R22, and R502, into air conditioning systems or recover them during maintenance.

Diagnose the system

Technicians can identify any problems like leaks, blockages, or system malfunctions with the help of the gauges, which provide readings of the pressure levels within the HVAC system.

Examination of pressure

The gauge set is used by workers to perform pressure tests on HVAC systems to ensure they can sustain typical operating conditions and to detect problems that could signal leaks or defects.

Applications in the Business and Industry

The gauge set is widely used in commercial and industrial environments, including supermarkets, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, in addition to home HVAC systems. These settings frequently have intricate refrigeration systems that need careful upkeep and observation.

Investigation and Creation

The gauge set is an essential instrument for research and development projects in the HVAC sector. Scientists and engineers use the gauge set’s pressure data to study system performance, create new refrigerants, and create more effective HVAC systems.

Wrapping Up

The Mastercool 33636 Brass HVAC Gauge Set is a trustworthy and important instrument for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Its durable brass construction, precision sensors, and diverse functionality let HVAC workers diagnose problems, execute maintenance, and ensure maximum performance across a wide range of applications. Professionals in the field love it because of its accuracy, dependability, and ease of use, whether they are using it in residential, commercial, or industrial settings. The Mastercool 33636 Gauge Set is a vital component of the HVAC sector, offering crucial assistance for productive and successful operations, be it for pressure testing, research and development, or charging refrigerants.


Gauges for the refrigeration manifold are a crucial part of any refrigeration system. Gauges are classified as either digital or mechanical.
The pressure of refrigerants in HVAC systems is measured using a manifold gauge. It is an essential tool for troubleshooting any problems and determining whether the system is appropriately charged with refrigerant.
R-22 refrigerant is one type your HVAC system utilizes to keep your home cool. Your air conditioner or heat pump uses a variety of refrigerants, which are essentially gases that absorb and release heat continuously to chill your house.