Duct Sealant FOSTER(USA) & STAR(SAUDI) (Silicone 32-17)

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  • Comes in a bottle for easy use
  • Designed to offer a strong adhesion for optimal use
  • Precise-engineered for hassle-free operation
  • Features a white design for versatile use

The Foster SAFETEE Sealant is an all-purpose sealant that can be used in a variety of applications. It is great for sealing around windows, doors, and other places where you want to keep the elements out. It also works well on glass, metal, and other surfaces that need protection from moisture and water damage. It is formulated to offer a strong adhesion for optimal use. The sealant comes in a bottle for quick and easy application.

1 review for Duct Sealant FOSTER(USA) & STAR(SAUDI) (Silicone 32-17)

  1. 4 out of 5

    Imran abbas

    This is a great product….had some small jobs to do and worked perfect for them and was easy to use. Easy clean up as well.

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Product Description

Water-based duct glue is a non-flammable low odor and easy-to-clean-up adhesive that is ideal for sealing joints and seams in metals, plastic, and fiberglass ducts. It is also good for sealing ductwork in damp or humid environments. Strong and durable, weatherproof, and resistant to chemicals and solvents.


  • Foster duct glue in 81-10 (GREEN)
  • Foster duct glue is present in different sizes and weights.
  • The weight of the basket is 9 kg.
  • 6 IBS (1.35 KG/L)
  • 55% by volume (69% by weight)
  • 25- 50 sq. ft./gal (0.6- 1.2m/I) 0.0064-0.0032in. (1.6mm
  • -0.8mm) wet film thickness.
  • SET TO TOUCH: 1 hour
  • No flash to boiling, over 210 f


Duct glue is an adhesive that is used to seal and repair air ducts. They are used in different applications such as sealing leaks in air ducts, repairing damaged, air ducts, attaching duct insulation, installing duct accessories, and sealing around the duct connections.

What is foster duct glue?

Foster duct glue is an adhesive specifically designed to seal and bond ductwork. It is a work-based acrylic sealant that dries to form a strong, airtight seal. Foster duct glue is resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew, and it is also non-flammable and has a low odor. Foster duct glue is used in a varietyof applications. Foster duct glue is an essential tool for any HVAC.


Duct glue is an adhesive specifically designed to seal and bond ductwork. It is used in a variety of applications including:

Sealing duct joints and seams

Duct glue is used to seal joints and seams of ductwork to prevent air leakage. This is important for ensuring that your HVAC system is operating efficiently and effectively. Air leakage can waste energy and reduce the comfort of your home or business.

Bonding ductwork to other surfaces

Duct glue can be used to bond ductwork to other surfaces, such as sheet metal, wood, and masonry. This is useful for installing ductwork in new construction or for repairingexisting ductwork.

Repairing damaged ductwork

Duct glue can be used to repair small holes and cracksin ductwork. This option is less expensive and disruptive than replacing the entire ductwork system.

Insulation ductwork

Duct glue can be used to adhere insulation to ductwork. This helps to improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and reduce your energy costs.


Duct glue must have strong adhesion to a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and fiberglass.


Duct glue must be durable enough to withstand the elements and the wear and tear of everyday use.


Duct glue must be flexible enough to expand and contract with the ductwork as it heats up and cools down.

Fire resistance

Duct glue used in HVAC systems must be fire-resistant.

Details of duct glue:

Water-based duct glue

Water-based duct glue is the most common type of duct glue. It is non-flammable has a low odor and is easy to clean up. Water-based duct glue is also relatively inexpensive.

Solvent-based duct glue

Solvent-based duct glue is stronger and more durable than water-based duct glue. However, it is also more flammable and has a stronger odor. Solvent-based duct glue is also more expensive than water-based duct glue.

Acrylic-based duct glue

Acrylic-based duct glue is a newer type of duct glue that is gaining popularity. It has many of the same advantages as water-based glue, such as being non-flammable and easy to clean up. However, it is also stronger and more durable thanwater-based duct glue. Acrylic-based duct glue is more expensive than water-based duct glue.


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