Air Conditioner Stand (for wall) Heavy Duty Angle Stand

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  • Split AC (Air Conditioner) Wall Mount Bracket Stand shelf
  • Heavy Duty Iron Bracket
  • Brackets – 2 Nos, L Angle
  • Polished and protected by rust.
  • Available in different sizes.

1 review for Air Conditioner Stand (for wall) Heavy Duty Angle Stand

  1. 4 out of 5


    These support brackets are well designed and are strong enough to hold mini split condensing units.
    I installed my 18,000 BTU unit on them with no issues. They great to keep your unit elevated from being damaged by Debri from yard work and water from flooding issues.Noor

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Air Conditioner Stand (For Wall)


  • Mounting (For Wall)
  • Simple, elegant designs
  • Set up quickly and simply
  • Both universal and tailored choices
  • Heavy-duty design and construction
  • Available in various sizes
  • Expanding Bolts Included
  • Weatherproof Coating
  • Anti-Vibration Technology


An air conditioner (AC) is a device or system that uses a refrigeration cycle to treat the air in a specific, typically confined space by expelling warm air and replacing it with cooler air. In particular, a wall-elevated cooling system provides an elegant and room-saving option for chilling interior areas. The air conditioner stand (for wall) is a vital part that’s often overlooked but enhances the look and usefulness of these units.

An air conditioning stand, sometimes known as an AC stand, is a type of supporting platform or bracket used to raise and stabilize HVAC equipment, such as AC, on the outside walls of buildings. For both home and commercial installations, AC stands are essential to the lifespan and peak execution of the cooling unit.

Let’s explore the many characteristics that make it a must-have addition to your air control unit.

The Advantages of AC Stand

The air conditioner stand (for wall) offers steadiness and sufficient clearance for the unit. effective airflow, and guard against debris or flooding-related damage. This platform is frequently utilized in small-scale commercial and residential installations since they are great for conserving floor space.

Effective Airflow

The cooling unit’s correct clearance and positioning are maintained with the aid of AC stands. This guarantees effective airflow across the parts of the unit, improving its ability to heat or cool areas. Energy savings and increased comfort are two benefits of increased ability.

Provide Support And Reduce Vibrations

An air conditioner stand (for wall) gives structural support for wall-elevated units. The stand lowers the stress on the wall by raising the AC to an ideal height and by achieving maximum weight distribution. AC stands help to stabilize and support the unit, lowering the possibility of vibrations and movement that can cause wear and tear. The HVAC system’s longer lifespan could result in cost savings for businesses and homeowners in terms of maintenance and replacement.

Protection From Weather

It can decrease the risk of flooding or water buildup by raising the HVAC system with a stand. The device is safe from water-related problems, including corrosion and electric damage if it is kept above ground.

Guard Against Debris

An AC on the ground may sustain damage from water, debris, or vandalism. Fix your cooling unit off the ground using an air conditioner stand (for wall) to protect it and maintain a cool environment in your house.

Debris like leaves, twigs, and dirt are less likely to get inside cooling and heating systems mounted on stands. This increases the unit’s overall durability by lowering the possibility of blockages and internal component damage.


Simple installations are made possible by wall-mounted AC stands, which expand available space. Cooling indoor spaces may be done beautifully and efficiently with an air conditioner stand (for wall) in special.

Simple Upkeep

Maintenance procedures become easier to reach and more simple when the AC unit is elevated on a stand. Safer and more effective maintenance is possible because technicians can examine and fix the equipment without stooping or bending.

The air conditioner stand (for wall) makes it simple to reach the unit for routine upkeep and cleaning.

Aesthetic Enhancement

AC stands not only serve a practical purpose but also add to the interior design of your home. Because they are available in various styles and finishes, you can choose an air conditioner stand (for wall) that goes well with the decor of your space. The stand is a flexible addition to your air conditioning setup because of its dual functionality of providing structural support and improving the appearance.

Selection Of The Best Air Conditioner Stand (For Wall)

A wall-elevated unit’s weight capacity, the resilience of the material, and the stand’s connection with your particular AC model are all important considerations. The stand that is selected must fit the requirements of the wall where the cooling system is going to be mounted as well as the AC itself.

Final Words

An air conditioner wall mount is a useful option for both general and specialized applications because of its straightforward and stylish design and simple, rapid installation process. Durability and lifespan are guaranteed by the heavy-duty structure, waterproof coating, and anti-vibration technology. The stand serves as a shield from the elements as well.

Its aesthetic improvement also gives your room an extra touch of elegance in addition to fulfilling the twin function of providing structural support.

The stand also makes regular cleaning and upkeep easier to do by streamlining maintenance methods.

All things considered, purchasing a high-quality wall-elevated air conditioner stand guarantees that your HVAC system will operate more effectively and last longer, which is advantageous for both home and commercial setups.



Air conditioning wall stands are secured to external walls using concrete bolts and a wall plate. The unit is elevated above the ground because it is fastened to the brackets’ horizontal arms. Wall stands can be installed two meters above the floor. This is not so high to be difficult to reach for maintenance or cleaning, but it is high enough that most people can walk beneath it without bumping their heads.

The reason the AC is set at a certain height is because cool air shifts downhill because it is denser than hot air. The room’s ability to be cooled by Colonel Collier air will be compromised if the cooling system is situated at a low level, as it will only be able to chill the parts closest to the floor.

Place your device in the center of the room, close to the center of the wall. The closer your cooling system is to the center of the room, the better, even though it doesn’t have to be there exactly.